Virtual Reality in the Classroom

From the Virtual Reality Bus to Google Cardboard and everything in between, this workshop will explore the potential of virtual reality in the classroom. With the recent emergence of virtual reality environments in education, much of the VR content on the market for classroom use is pre-created by VR developers. Platforms such as Google Expeditions, Nearpod VR and others provide easily accessible, pre-packaged virtually reality content in a host of environments. These platforms will be evaluated, explored and integrated into the workshop. However, there are VR creation platforms emerging that allow both teachers and students to capture environments and create virtual reality environments of their own. Virtual Reality no longer has to be a passive process of consumption in education. VR has recently become an immersive storytelling platform where both students and teachers can tell their story in multiple, linked, 360- sphere environments with embedded text, audio video. Join us as we explore the spectrum of possibilities in this emerging field and critically evaluate the potential use in the classroom.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for any educator, administrator, tech director or technology integration teacher interested in exploring the potential of Virtual Reality in Education. There is no prior experience needed to attend.

About the Virtual Reality Workshop from Greg Kulowiec

Workshop Location, Dates, and Instructors:


June 22- 23

with Greg Kulowiec

Device/ App Requirements:

Because Virtual Reality content can be consumed and created across multiple devices and platforms, this workshop will integrate both mobile devices and laptops. Please bring a mobile phone (Android or iOS) to create and capture 3D Sphere images and a laptop to create customized Virtual Reality Content. Laptops used for the workshop (Mac or PC) should have both an updated operating system and the most updated version of the Google Chrome browser Workshop participants can bring a tablet (iPad or Android) as a secondary device to engage with pre-created and customized VR content.

App Requirements:

As new apps and updates are continuously changing, a complete list will be published here and emailed to participants closer to the workshop.