Project Based Learning: Integrating Technology to Support Meaningful Student Learning

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students explore real-world problems and challenges over an extended period of time, acquiring deeper knowledge and expertise. Applicable across grade-levels and content areas, PBL has seen a resurgence in interest. Project Based Learning, paired with the ever-growing technology access available in many educational settings, offer educators unique possibilities in unit design. Intentional use of technology within the essential design elements of PBL provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of concepts, refine 21st Century Skills, and publish to a Public Audience.

In this intensive workshop, participants will learn the essential design elements of PBL, meaningful ways to integrate technology as an integral component in student engagement and motivation, and instructional strategies to support student learning. With PBL, we will identify and align student learning goals, construct driving questions to support sustained inquiry, and maximize authenticity, in addition to offering student choice and voice through the use of technology. Participants will also explore examples of PBL, identify and create assessment frameworks for PBL, and reimagine current curriculum in order to implement Project Based Learning in their classroom.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for K-12 classroom teachers, tech integrationists, and school administrators who are looking to explore the potential of Project Based Learning in their curriculum.

Workshop Location, Dates, and Instructors:


June 12 – 14

with Shawn McCusker


July 10 – 12

with Greg Kulowiec

Device/ App Requirements:

So we can hit the ground running, please take a minute to prepare your device with the appropriate settings below and download the apps required for your workshop. During this workshop, we will explore all that is possible with Google Apps, Extensions, and Services. Please ensure that you are able to install Chrome Apps and Extensions, as well as access all of Google’s services including Google+, YouTube, Blogger, Hangouts, etc., on your laptop or Chromebook. Some school accounts have restrictions, so we strongly encourage you to ensure that you can both login with a personal Google account and be able to install new apps and extensions. Having full control over your device will help you to maximize your workshop experience.

App Requirements:

As new apps and updates are continuously changing, a complete list will be published here and emailed to participants closer to the workshop.

Graduate Credit:

Framingham State University offers 1 graduate credit for this course. You must attend all workshop hours and complete a final assignment. Cost is $75 per credit and registration forms will be emailed to participants upon registration and available on the first day of class.

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