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Greg Kulowiec is a workshop instructor, presenter, and speaker with EdTechTeacher, working with school districts and teachers across the country on technology integration including 1:1 Chromebook, MacBook, and iPad programs, as well as facilitating year-long professional development programs(both face to face and online). Greg takes a dynamic and thoughtful approach to technology integration with an emphasis on the powerful nature of how these devices, used in the hands of students, can reveal unique perspectives, understanding, and capabilities. Coining the phrase “App Smashing”, Greg has been influential in the approach schools have taken towards iPad integration. As a co-creator of #sschat on Twitter, Greg has been featured in both the New York Times and the Washington Post regarding the impact of social media with educators.
Greg brings many years of teaching experience as a Social Studies teacher and Technology Integration Specialist to EdTechTeacher. His experimentation with technology began early; he was at the forefront of integrating cell phones into the classroom and has been featured on Public Radio International’s, “The World Technology Podcast” in 2009 and contributed to the 2009 ISTE Fall Newsletter, both about cell phones in the classroom.

Greg presents on his teaching strategies and technology integration ideas at regional and national conferences including MassCue, The National Council for the Social Studies, The New England 1:1 Summit, EdTechTeacher Winter Conference, EdTechTeacher iPad & Innovation Summits (Boston, Atlanta, San Diego), Miami Device, and multiple EdCamps. Greg has presented both at ISTE and Google’s Global Education Summit because of his expertise with the use of Google and G Suite As a Keynote speaker, Greg has shared his unique perspective with teachers at the iPad Summit (Atlanta & Boston), and Shrewsbury and Holliston Massachusetts public schools.

Greg holds a degree in Sociology from St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he was also a four year scholarship basketball player and team captain.

Gregory Kulowiec
Gregory Kulowiec @gregkulowiec
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Husband, father of two. Google Certified Trainer, #appsmash originator & @edtechteacher21 Instructor. Join me this summer at
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