Enhancing STEM Curriculum with Technology

The Enhancing STEM Curriculum with Technology workshop is an intensive, hands-on opportunity for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educators to explore practical ways to use technology to enrich their curricula and engage students. The workshop explores innovative ideas, effective techniques, and thoughtful plans for incorporating web-based resources, mobile devices, and emerging technologies into classroom instruction.

The workshop will provide numerous examples of the best STEM-related websites, describes practical methods and techniques for using technology in the STEM classroom, and includes opportunities for targeted exploration. Examples highlight inquiry-based technology applications in physical sciences, life sciences, Earth science, and math for middle school, and high school. The workshop emphasizes innovative ideas and exciting projects to infuse emerging technologies into the STEM classroom by incorporating Web tools, video creation, digital laboratory notebooks, ePub creation, 3D design, simulations, coding and other emerging technologies. The combination of resources and hands-on time to explore and create will leave workshop participants with a set of strategies and resources to begin integrating technology into the classroom.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEM) educators, tech integrationists, and administrators at the middle and high school level who want to bring more technology into their curriculum.

Workshop Location, Dates, and Instructors:


July 13 – 14

with Douglas Kiang

Device/ App Requirements:

It is important to prepare your device with the appropriate installations as noted below and download the required apps before your workshop.

  1. Participants should bring an up-to-date Mac or Windows laptop with the Chrome browser installed or a Chromebook. In all instances, it is suggested that workshop participants have the ability to install Chrome Extensions and Chrome Web Store Applications in the Chrome browser. Participants also must have a personal Google account or a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account to use throughout the workshop. It is suggested that participants using a school Google Apps for Education account also have a personal Google account because many schools turn off access to some Google tools that will likely be explored in the workshop that may include Blogger, Google Sites and Google Plus.
  2. If bringing a Chromebook, please ensure that you are able to install Chrome Apps and Extensions, as well as access all of Google’s services including Google+, YouTube, Hangouts, etc., on your device. Some school accounts have restrictions, so we strongly encourage you to ensure that you can both login to your Chromebook with a personal Google account AND be able to install new apps and extensions.
  3. If you are bringing a school-issued Mac or Windows laptop, please make sure that you have the ability to do the following: a.- Connect to a wireless network b.- Install Chrome Apps or Extensions c.- Install FREE apps
  4.  If you are bringing an iPad, please make sure that it is an iPad2 or newer, fully charged, and updated to the latest version of iOS. We also request that you please have your Apple ID and Password with you and be able to install as well as update apps on your iPad. This may even need to be a personal Apple ID separate from your school issued Apple ID if you do not have access to purchase / update apps with a school issued Apple ID. While we do provide a list of apps ahead of time, you may want to download a new FREE app or update an existing one. Having your AppleID and password readily available will help you to maximize your workshop experience.
  5. While we do try to provide all information in advance, you may be asked to install something new or update an existing application. Having full control over your device will help you to maximize your learning experience.

App Requirements:

As new apps and updates are continuously changing, a complete list will be published here and emailed to participants closer to the workshop.

Graduate Credit:

Framingham State University offers 1 graduate credit for this course. You must attend all workshop hours and complete a final assignment. Cost is $75 per credit and registration forms will be emailed to participants upon registration and available on the first day of class.

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