Advanced iPad Classroom

In this intensive, hands-on workshop, participants will explore advanced topics in classroom iPad integration such as App Fluency, App Smashing, multimedia curation, collaboration and G Suite for Edu integration. With an emphasis on creating multimedia with iPads, we will also explore advanced workflow strategies as well as various ways to publish content to the web. Lessons are “challenge based” as participants will be given tasks to explore, practice, and refine their skills throughout the workshop. To culminate the session, participants will redesign an existing unit, project, or lesson to thoughtfully integrate iPads with a particular focus towards student creation, collaboration and publishing.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for classroom teachers, tech integrationists, curriculum developers, and administrators who already possess a basic level of proficiency with iPads.

Workshop Location, Dates, and Instructors:


June 12 – 14

with Ben Sondgeroth

Device/ App Requirements:

It is important to prepare your device with the appropriate installations as noted below and download the required apps before your workshop.

  1. Please make sure to bring your iPad fully charged and updated to the latest version of iOS.
  2. You will need to have control of installing apps and logging into accounts. So we request that you please have your Apple ID and Password with you and be able to install as well as update apps on your iPad. This may even need to be a personal Apple ID separate from your school issued Apple ID if you do not have access to purchase / update apps with a school issued Apple ID.
  3. Having your Google/ GSuite ID and password readily available will help minimize disruptions and enable you to get the most out of your workshop experience.

App Requirements:

As new apps and updates are continuously changing, a complete list will be published here and emailed to participants closer to the workshop.

Graduate Credit:

Framingham State Unversity offers 1 graduate credit for this course. You must attend all workshop hours and complete a final assignment. Cost is $75 per credit and registration forms will be emailed to participants upon registration and available on the first day of class.

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