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Boston, Chicago, Menlo Park, and Orlando.


15 Workshops

For different experience, devices, subjects, and grades.


9 Instructors

All of our instructors have been in the classroom.

About our Summer Workshops

2017 brings EdTechTeacher’s 15th Annual Teaching With Technology Summer Workshops, and we have built an incredible program on a diverse set of NEW topics to compliment many of our favorites from previous summers.

Each summer, we bring together some of the best educators in the country to lead our workshops. All of our instructors have classroom experience and value high-quality professional development.

About EdTechTeacher

We understand teachers because we have all been teachers now we travel the country and the world to deliver hands-on edtech experiences to support teachers to meet the needs of their students’ learning environments. Over the past few years, we may have diversified our offerings and expanded our team, but our mission remains the same: to support educators in their quest to enrich student learning experiences through emerging technologies.

Workshop Cities

Workshop Topics

Our workshops cover a wide array of topics we know are of interest to teachers looking to implement or build upon their knowledge of using technology in the classroom.  Workshops range from one to three days of full day training.

We use a hands-on, challenge-based approach to maximize the amount of time that participants have working with the tools and apps. Participants leave our workshops armed with new ideas and strategies that can be implemented in their classrooms as soon as the school year begins.

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Grad Credit

Participants of most workshops are eligible for one graduate credit from Framingham State University.

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