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Popular Summer Workshops for teachers and leaders returning in 2015:

iPad Classroom

iPad and iPad Mini have taken classrooms by storm, quickly emerging as the mobile device of choice. This session focuses on effective iPad innovation from both a conceptual as well as a practical standpoint. Beginning with understanding the device itself and the features of the iOS, we will move along a path from consumption to creation to curation to connection.

Advanced iPad Classroom

In this hands-on, intensive, two day workshop, participants will explore advanced topics in classroom iPad integration such as App Fluency, App Smashing, curation, and collaboration. Advanced workflow strategies will be covered as well as the creation of student portfolios, multi-app combination scenarios to create new multimedia content, and publishing content to the web. Participants will be given hands-on time to explore, practice and refine their skills throughout the workshop.

Technology in the Elementary Classroom

Whether your students have access to a computer lab, a cart of iPads, or a handful of laptops, technology can enhance and extend the learning context when used in appropriate and meaningful ways. In this workshop, we will explore tools, apps, activities, and strategies that nurture essential K-4 developmental and learning skills such as fluency, numeracy, storytelling, and voice.

Chromebooks & the Google Infused Classroom

Do you want to learn how to use Google Apps and Chromebooks more effectively in your classroom to create an innovative and collaborative environment? In this workshop, we will look at proven strategies for using Chromebooks, the Chrome Browser, and Google Apps for Education in ways that purposefully impact student learning.

Teaching History with Technology

Whether your students have access to a computer lab, a cart of iPads, or a handful of laptops, technology can enhance The Teaching History With Technology Workshop is an intensive hands-on environment for history and social studies educators to explore practical, dynamic and creative ways to use technology in the classroom to enhance their curricula and provide students with unique opportunities to create original content to demonstrate their unique understanding of course content.

Leading, Implementing, & Evaluating 1:1 Classroom Learning

This workshop is designed for school leaders working to make a 1:1 technology environment and 21st Century Learning essential elements of school culture and intellectual life. The workshop is organized around three core themes: Why Change? Making the case for 1:1 instruction and 21st Century Skills, What Does Change Look Like? Envisioning and enacting 1:1 learning and 21st Century skill development across a school or district. Assessing Change in Changing Times: Monitoring school progress towards 1:1 learning goals.

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